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The Lunnie Hive is a diverse group of moms who are improving the postpartum experience through better products, support, and authentic conversations.

Motherhood is hard enough and every mom is doing her best. No matter what a mom’s feeding journey looks like, we’re here to support you. Join us.

Lunnie Hive

Landscape architect Katie Hartman shares how her anxiety increased with motherhood

First name: Katie Age: 32 Number of kids and ages: 2 girls, almost 4 and 20 months The most surprising thing about...

How breastfeeding affected mental health: It wasn’t the “most natural thing in the world”

By Valerie Breitbach Author Valerie with her newborn daughter. Photo credit: Made to Bloom Photography I didn’t k...

Pregnancy hunger doesn’t compare to breastfeeding hunger: Mom Emma Carsey shares her surprises with breastfeeding

First name: Emma Age: 30 Number of kids and ages: Two kids, ages 5 and 3, and a third on the way IG: @emmacarsey ...

Breastfeeding and baby weight gain: How interior designer Jacqueline Brown overcame her struggles feeding her son

First name: Jacqueline Age: 32 Number of kids and ages: 2 kids, ages 3 and 8 months IG: @jacquelinbrown The most s...

Throw out the idea of what you should do: How mom Sarah Burke learned to follow her own motherly instincts

First name: Sarah Age: 40 Number of kids and ages: 2 children, ages 7 and 4 Location: Minnesota The most surprisi...

How breastfeeding can vary between kids: Yoga instructor Kyla Aida shares her experience

First name: Kyla Age: 33 Number of kids and ages: Two girls, ages 3 years and 9 months The most surprising thing ab...

When supplementing with formula can help baby and mom: Mom Teddi Connor shares her breastfeeding experience

First name: Teddi Age: 32 Number of kids and ages: 2 kids, 2 years and 3 months The most surprising thing about bei...

Welcome to the Lunnie Hive

Welcome to the Lunnie Hive! Read a Q&A about motherhood and breastfeeding with founder, Sarah Kallile.
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