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Lunnie's nursing bra is patent pending!

Lunnie's nursing bra is patent pending!

Lunnie bra patent pending

It's official! Lunnie's novel leakproof nursing bra is patent pending for both utility and design patents. 

I surprised my mom Sue on her birthday with the patent applications that list both of us as inventors. What a special moment! Without her, there would be no Lunnie bra. My mom is a talented seamstress and former garment industry professional. When I called her in January 2021 with my idea for a leakproof nursing bra, she quickly turned my concept into a real prototype.

Filing for these patents has been over a year in the making. Thank you to the Entrepreneurs' Center for the generous grant that covered my patent costs. Thanks to Katie Hill, Tom Lees and his legal team, and Nina Borders for helping reach this milestone.

Now we wait for the patents to be reviewed by the USPTO. But for now, we celebrate this accomplishment. Nothing like having a baby and filing for two patents in the same week! 

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