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Expect the unexpected: Not every breastfeeding journey is the same

Expect the unexpected: Not every breastfeeding journey is the same

Name: Jessica Olson

Website: Wren Amber Clothing

IG: @wrenamberclothing

Age: 41

Number of kids and ages: 2 kids, 5 yr old daughter and 18 mo old son

Location: Los Angeles, CA


Jessica Olson and Family Wren Amber

The most surprising thing about being a first-time mom is watching in amazement what our bodies were created to do and experiencing first hand how much love you have immediately for this little being you just created.

My expectation vs. experience breastfeeding was I thought I would be pouring out milk, like my mother did, but in fact, I had to work hard to increase and build up my milk supply with my first child. With my second, it was the reverse and I had a ton of milk! Nothing like my first! So both times my expectation was different than my experience!

The best piece of advice about motherhood is there's no rule book and no exact right way to do something as a parent. Focus on the fact that you are the first experience of LOVE your child has, so as long as you love, nurture, and keep them fed ;), you're doing it right!

Wren Amber Clothing
About Wren Amber Clothing
Wren Amber is a couture children’s clothing line founded and created by a mother daughter duo, inspired by a granddaughter. We love honoring the times and vintage styles of the past, while creating new timeless heirloom pieces that grow with your child. Styles that can be worn and passed down for years to come. Sustainability is very important to us, which is why we incorporate deadstock fabrics in every collection, keeping the fabrics out of our landfills, & our styles limited and even more special. Wren Amber began organically when Jessica became a mother and Amber (aka Gigi) a grandmother. What started out as a talented seamstress creating adorable outfits for her grandchild, and her daughter's love for fashion, became a combined passion to create unique clothing for children everywhere.
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