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"Babies don't just sleep!" | Christine Brown's wake up call

Name: Christine Brown

Website: Bella Luna Family

IG: @bellalunafamily

Age: 44

Number of kids and ages: 7-year old twins!

Location: New Hampshire

The most surprising thing about being a first-time mom is that babies don't just sleep! I thought the expression "sleep like a baby" was a real thing, until I suffered from chronic sleep deprivation for 6 months, which negatively affected all areas of my life.

My expectation vs. experience breastfeeding was I thought breastfeeding would be easy and it would just work and I'd figure it out. I tried and tried, but it never worked for me for many reasons, which I learned about and processed during CLC training.

The best piece of advice about motherhood is Healthy sleep habits are taught - I recommend starting early! Babies can begin learning to be independent sleepers as early as 6 weeks old. This is also when they start to be able to make connections and follow cues so it is a perfect time to add a bedtime routine, full of predictability.

Christine Brown Bella Luna Founder

About Bella Luna Family:

Christine Brown, Bella Luna Family's founder, became a mom in 2014 and she jokes that her twin boys tried to kill her from sleep deprivation! This experience ignited an obsession with sleep and a passion for helping parents. She became a certified child sleep consultant in early 2016 and founded Bella Luna Family, a parent consulting company. Christine and her team specialize in helping parents with the most challenging aspects of parenting, including child sleep, child behavior, and potty training. We can be found on all social channels at @bellalunafamily.
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