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The real pretty + powerful postpartum: Lessons learned as a third-time mom

The real pretty + powerful postpartum: Lessons learned as a third-time mom

Sarah Kallile and Family | Lunnie Founder

Hi Lunnie Hive! I’ve been a little quiet as my hands are full on the home front. Turns out breastfeeding a 5 week old around the clock while also taking care of a 2 and 4 year old is very time consuming. We’re not exactly thriving…but we are surviving! 

First, thank you for selling out my first production run as it gave me a perfectly timed maternity leave. My manufacturer is working on my second run right now. I’ll be sharing more details on the restock soon! It’s been amazing wearing my own Lunnie bra everyday - the leakproof material holds up amazing and the cut is so flattering! Nursing in it is a breeze, especially in public as I’m no longer fumbling around and misplacing bulky nursing pads.

Sarah Kallile and Baby Lunnie Founder

My own postpartum recovery has had its ups and downs. Physically, this recovery has been my hardest of all three. My body is still healing while undergoing chronic sleep deprivation that I can never catch up on. And that’s with having extra help of my husband and parents here during these early weeks! 

Emotionally, it’s been easier knowing what to expect and giving myself a lot of grace. I feel more confident and relaxed as a mom third time around. Thankfully, baby girl got off to a great start breastfeeding and is gaining weight like a champ. This was a huge relief as I had rocky beginnings nursing my other girls. 

Another change this time is I’m more appreciative of the amazing things my body is doing rather than obsessing about losing baby weight quickly. I’m still wearing maternity clothes and will be for awhile - and that's perfectly normal! After all, this body grew, birthed, and breastfed 3 babies in 4 years. That’s the REAL pretty + powerful.

Sarah Kallile and Family

If you’re still reading, thank you for your patience with my long-winded update and much anticipated restock. Appreciate your support during this intense postpartum period. 


Sarah Kallile

Founder & CEO of Lunnie 

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