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Mother’s day postpartum gift guide

Mother’s day postpartum gift guide

Do you ever notice how baby registries are full of items for newborns but not new moms? The anticipation and excitement of a new baby often leaves moms forgotten - they need TLC after giving birth too! Whether you’re expecting or know a friend who is, these tried and true recommendations from the Lunnie Hive are items every mom should have on their list.

For Postpartum Recovery
Postpartum Gift Guide

Frida Mom | Postpartum Recovery Essentials Kit

We love Frida Mom and this essential kit is the bathroom recovery regimen you won’t want to pee without. Contains everything you need to jump-start recovery during those first few visits to the bathroom.

NewGo | Perineal Ice/ Heat Packs for Postpartum Pain Relief

These nifty packs can be used frozen and heated. They are a lifesaver for postpartum recovery, as well as pain relief for clogged milk ducts. They come with washable liners for easy, hygienic use.

BellyBandit | Original Belly Wrap

The original BellyBandit helps with core support post delivery. Especially helpful for moms recovering from c-sections.


For Breastfeeding 

momful postpartum gift guide

Momful | Ounces Lactation Supplement

Did you know proper nutrition can impact your milk production? We love Momful’s powerful combination of traditionally used herbs and botanicals to help boost your breastmilk supply.

Haakaa | Manual Breast Pump

Don’t let your “letdown milk” go to waste again! This pump is designed for your non-nursing breast to collect milk while breastfeeding. Watch the ounces quickly add up and store for future bottles.

Munckin Milkmakers | Lactation Cookie Bites
Do you really need an excuse to eat cookies? Lactation cookies are the real deal as brewer’s yeast helps with milk production. Try this brand or bake your own!
For Mama
herbivore botanicals pink clay cleansing bar soap postpartum gift guide

Herbivore Botanicals | Pink Clay Cleansing Bar Soap

In the blur of the newborn days, a simple shower can feel like a rebirth. Pamper a new mama with a luxury soap to make her feel refreshed and anew. This natural, vegan soap is one of our favorites.

Drybar | Schedule a Blowout

This suggestion comes from Lunnie Hive member Emma and we love it! Book a blowout at your favorite salon to make yourself feel special and enjoy your beautiful locks, even if you’re only bumming around the house.

Kindle | Paperwhite

While awake in the wee hours of the night with your baby, sometimes you need entertainment to stay awake. As an alternative to endlessly scrolling your phone, consider a Kindle. The Paperwhite has an adjustable backlight with a soft glow that won’t disturb your baby.

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