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How Anne Hunger's intuition guided her through motherhood and business

How Anne Hunger's intuition guided her through motherhood and business

Name: Anne Hunger

Website: Glüxkind

 IG: @gluxkindhq

Age: 32

Number of kids and ages: 2.5 year old daughter

Location: Vancouver, Canada


The most surprising thing about being a first-time mom is that I got a whole new appreciation for the female body as I went through pregnancy, birth and postpartum. I was amazed by how I could still function on so little sleep but definitely do not appreciate how my memory of the postpartum period seems very spotty :D

My expectation vs. experience breastfeeding Thankfully my expectation and reality were pretty close as I was able to breastfeed our daughter for over a year. I think I was most surprised about how much time it took especially in the early days and how much everything else revolved around feeding times. That being said, I am super grateful for having been able to share this experience and bond with my daughter.

The best piece of advice about motherhood is trust your intuition!! I thought it served me better when in doubt than other people's well-meaning opinion. It takes some time to develop the confidence to do so but it made parenting so much less stressful when I started to live in tune with my own family's needs and not trying to implement things that worked for others.

Ann Hunger Gluxkind

About Glüxkind:

I started Glüxkind together with my husband to build a truly revolutionary stroller that offers more assistance than any other one on the market. I left my previous career as a management consultant working with some amazing well known brands to build my own and jump into the startup adventure. While I was still on maternity leave we slowly grew our team and second baby (our smart stroller :) ) and are now almost ready to launch and super excited to finally give parents the support they deserve while out and about.
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