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Lunnie Hive testing, testing 1-2-3

Lunnie Hive testing, testing 1-2-3


lunnie hive prototyping
The brown Lunnie bag making its way around the festive doorsteps of the Lunnie Hive for user testing.


The nursing bra prototype 2.0 arrived from my manufacturer and quickly made the rounds with the Lunnie Hive. It's so exciting having this production-quality bra tested by the breastfeeding moms who helped shape the product! The feedback has been amazing - so many compliments on the comfortable fabrics, flattering fit, and clever engineering!

The Lunnie Hive testers were beyond generous with their time and thoughtfulness in reviewing the bra. I required users to wear, document with photos and videos, and fill out a comprehensive survey. I drove around town dropping off the bra at testers doorsteps and must note - everyone has the cutest fall decorations!

lunnie sarah kallile and mother prototyping
Sarah and her mom Sue measuring the nursing bra to make tweaks for the next prototype round.


I compiled the feedback and shared with my mom Sue who helped create the original prototype and is a talented seamstress. Together, we inspected every inch of the bra and created a comprehensive list of small tweaks for my manufacturer to implement in our next bra iteration.

So what's next? My manufacturer is working on the bra prototype 3.0 now. Once complete, I'll continue user testing and expand sizes to test. I recently received a grant from a local university to have their engineering students lab test the bra (more on that exciting update to come!). Suffice to say, this data-driven nursing bra will only launch once it's 100% perfect. I'm so energized by the progress made and how close we are. Together, we really are creating the perfect nursing bra.

Sarah Kallile is the founder of Lunnie. She is the mother to two daughters, Lucy (3) and Annie (1).

Interested in exclusive prelaunch access to Lunnie's nursing bra? Sign up here.

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