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Meet Carli Evilsizer of Partum, an online marketplace connecting moms to mission-driven brands and wellness providers

Meet Carli Evilsizer of Partum, an online marketplace connecting moms to mission-driven brands and wellness providers

Carli Evilsizer Founedr of Partum


Name: Carli Evilsizer

Age: 29

Number of kids and ages: My daughter Gabby is a little over 2 and I'm due with a baby boy end of October.

Location: Ottawa, Canada

IG: @carlievilsizer @joinpartum

The most surprising thing about being a first-time mom is how shocking the whole experience felt. No matter how much you try to prepare, I don't think you can ever truly be fully prepared for how hard the transition into parenthood can be. I was definitely not prepared for how hard the postpartum recovery would be and definitely was shocked at the realities of the newborn stage.
Carli Evilsizer Founder of Partum pictured nursing baby

My expectation vs. experience breastfeeding was I expected breastfeeding to be difficult but I thought it would feel more "natural". I also didn't expect there to be so many up's and down's with breastfeeding, I thought once we got the hang of it, breastfeeding would be a pretty smooth experience for the rest of the time. Nursing a newborn and nursing a toddler are two totally different experiences!

The best piece of advice about motherhood is to be easy on yourself and know everything is just a stage. I think part of what makes motherhood more difficult is the pressure women often feel to "do it all" and to do it all perfectly. But once we lower our expectations, accept help and realize we can't "do it all" during some of the harder stages, we can enjoy motherhood even more.

Carli Evilsizer Founder of Partum

About Carli: Prior to founding Partum, Carli spent the last decade overseeing the brand marketing strategies for startups in a variety of industries, she’s worked in everything from sports, media, engineering, CPG, tech and real estate. With a background in social media, influencer marketing, public relations and branding, Carli is passionate about not just growing her new startup but also building an online community to support mothers throughout every stage of motherhood.

About Partum: Partum is an online marketplace connecting mothers to virtual maternal health & wellness providers and mission-driven brands. With Partum, families know they can find products perfect for mothers while supporting high-quality small businesses and shop by values like vegan ingredients, BIPOC-owned, etc. Additionally, Partum is now adding virtual services and online courses to help book virtual health tech services with maternal health specialists like lactation consultants, sleep coaches, nutritionists and more.

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