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Lunnie is Made for Women by Women

Lunnie is Made for Women by Women

lunnie women founded leakproof nursing bra company

Happy International Women’s Day! As a female-business owner and a busy mom of two (almost three) girls, I prioritize employing women and working moms whenever possible. Because who better to create products for women than women themselves? 

Here’s to celebrating the female-owned businesses and founders who have helped Lunnie along the way to reach our presale milestone! 

Bra design and production: Female-owned manufacturer Columbus Apparel Studio in Columbus, OH is producing Lunnie’s bra. Their female leadership team have helped perfect Lunnie’s prototype, source materials, and produce the bra itself. Shoutout to my mom Sue for helping create the first prototype!

Website: Female-owned creative agency Ready Pretty based in Chicago, IL created Lunnie’s new, beautiful websites. Founder and mama Jeannine Adams is brilliant to work with. 

Photography: Dayton photographer and mama Stephanie Hayden brought Lunnie’s bra and branding to life. She’s also at master of photographing little kiddos (no small feat!). 

Graphic Design: Founder and mama Rebecca Barney of Barney Design created Lunnie’s logo and branding. Fun fact: She is an original Lunnie Hive member!

Lunnie AdvisorsBoth savvy businesswomen in their own rights, Anusha Mohan and Katie Hill are helping to guide Lunnie’s growth and provide moral support. 

It’s been an honor to work with all of these women! And, of course, the amazing Lunnie Hive community of moms who have helped test the bra prototypes and provide feedback along the way. Now here’s to growing Lunnie even bigger and continuing to work with more incredible women!  


Sarah Kallile

Founder & CEO


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