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"Postpartum period is harrowing" | Lunnie advisor Anusha Mohan shares her story

Name: Anusha Mohan


Age: 34

Number of kids and ages: One 8-week-old son

Location: Oakland, CA

The most surprising thing about being a first-time mom is the postpartum period is harrowing. The combination of sleep depravation, physical pain (I was recovering from a c-section), and hormonal let-down made me feel like I was in a special forces training camp. In those first two weeks, I found myself bursting into tears multiple times a day. I felt bouts of inadequacy as I was physically unable to do everything for my baby... even lift him unassisted. My mind was cloudy. It was impossible to make simple decisions. My body felt foreign to me - stretch marks invaded my skin, nighttime sweats left me with soaked sheets. But one day the clouds started to lift. I was able to pick up my son all on my own. And while I still grapple with an intense c-section scar and navigating my new "mom" identity, I feel like I made it through one of the toughest experiences of my life thanks to an incredibly supportive partner, friends and family near and far, and a sweet baby with the best cuddles.


My expectation vs. experience breastfeeding was nursing was an incredibly traumatic experience for me. I knew it could be hard, but I didn't realize it would be THIS hard for me. While my son was quickly able to latch, he absolutely destroyed my nipples after every feed, leaving me in excruciating pain. He was also losing more weight than desired, and was was not consuming enough with each feed. The night we brought him home from the hospital, he started coughing up blood. Thankfully not his blood, but my blood from wounded nipples. Not what a new parent wants to see. That was the turning point. I decided that nursing was not for me. I met with a lactation nurse the next day, who after examining our son, told me he had a clenched jaw and tongue tie. It would be anatomically impossible for him to nurse without injuring me. I actually felt some relief after hearing this. I had placed so much blame on myself throughout this ordeal, but now there was a reason outside of our control. That day, I was set up with a hospital-grade pump and have since been pumping and supplementing with formula. This has been a total win for both my son and me. I'm no longer in physical or emotional agony during feeds. My son is gaining weight well. My partner is able to contribute to feeding our son, which means more sleep for mom. We all have our unique feeding journeys. It's so important to drown out the toxic mom-shaming and weird stigma around these decisions. Choose the path that is best for YOU!


The best piece of advice about motherhood is prioritize your wellness and mental health during the postpartum period! Take advantage of all the help you can get to afford the time for simple activities that bring joy - a walk outside, a long shower, an episode of Real Housewives. It's critical to to take care of yourself so that you can really show up for your kiddo!
When founder Sarah Kallile had the idea for Lunnie, she reached out to her old high school classmate Anusha Mohan. She is an e-commerce and consumer brand powerhouse with her resume including Gap, ModCloth, and Amazon. Anusha has strategically advised Sarah as she built her company from the ground up, including coaching to win multiple pitch competitions. 
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