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Ambition has no timeline

Ambition has no timeline

Sarah Kallile and child Ambitious

One of the interesting things about being a "mompreneur" is having your kids bear witness to your business journey and the hard work that goes into it. Growing up, I had the false notion that there was a certain career to motherhood timeline. I would "make it" career-wise and then start a family.

After spending almost a decade climbing the ladder at high-growth tech startups in San Francisco and Seattle, I was burnt out and ready to start a family. When my husband received a job opportunity in Ohio, we moved there and I gave birth to my first daughter Lucy. My second daughter Annie followed two years later. When Annie was four months old, I had the idea for my Lunnie nursing bra. It was an itch I couldn't shake.

Despite having no background in apparel or manufacturing, I decided to go for it. The amazing thing about motherhood is it crystallizes what is truly important. There's no way I would have pursued this five years ago because I lacked the confidence and urgency. Between moving across the country, having two babies, and raising them amidst a pandemic, I've discovered my own strength. And if this venture falls on its face, I still have my two girls at the end of the day and that's all that matters. I truly believe there is nothing stronger and more powerful than a mother - the pandemic highlighted this even more.

Sarah Kallile and child Ambitious

It's not all rainbows though. Finding the time and energy to start a business amidst the exhaustion and constraints of motherhood is very challenging. I began spending nap times, nights, and weekends on developing a product and business plan for Lunnie. When I had an amazing early break and won the Female Founder Collective Big Pitcher competition, my two daughters watched by my side. My toddler Lucy asked, "Are you proud of yourself, Mama?" and it made all those late nights worth it.

While I'm devoted to making Lunnie a success, I don't know exactly what the future holds. No matter the outcome, this journey allows me to show my girls what ambition can look like - the good and the hard - and I wouldn't trade that for anything. Because I want my girls to celebrate their ambitions and pursue their dreams, no matter the obstacles. (Although, let's keep striving to make gender equality better for our next generation). To all the ambitious girls and women out pursuing dreams their own way and on their own timeline, I see you and am rooting for you.
*I must plug Meena Harris and her darling "Ambitious Girl" book. We're clearly fans because we rock the Phenomenal sweatshirts too. Nothing like wearing your heart on your sleeve!
Sarah Kallile Founder of Lunnie


Sarah Kallile is the founder of Lunnie. She is the mother to two daughters, Lucy (3) and Annie (1). She is a born and raised California gal currently living in Ohio.

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