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A Mother’s Day message from Sue, mom to founder Sarah Kallile

A Mother’s Day message from Sue, mom to founder Sarah Kallile

By Sue Beresh, mom to Lunnie founder Sarah


Sue Beresh Sarah Kallile mother's day

Sue with Kathleen and Sarah in 1989

Happy Mother’s Day to all the young women who are in the middle of raising their families! I’m inspired by the experiences the Lunnie Hive has shared and know that there are many others who have had similar ones. I’m a mom of two daughters and am blessed to be Nana to two granddaughters. I remember well the struggles of young motherhood. And while I wish I could tell you that things get easier as your little ones grow up, the truth is that things just change and there will be challenges that you never expected. Nothing can totally prepare you for the anxiety, exhaustion, and joy of being a mom. You will also somehow have the wisdom and strength to face just about anything.

Lamaze childbirth classes which were popular when my first daughter was born prepared me well for her birth, but not for much past that. She arrived two weeks early and breastfeeding was not the easy and natural experience that everyone else seemed to have. I was exhausted both physically and emotionally when my sweet girl was diagnosed with jaundice and hospitalized at five days old. The guilt felt in leaving her in the hospital to be cared by others was coupled with the overwhelming fear that I was a failure at parenting…. already! When I reached out for advice, I heard “Just relax, it’s natural” and if that doesn’t work, “Just give her formula”. Oh, and mix it with baby cereal to help her sleep.

Months of trial and mostly error with a variety of nipple shields, nursing positions, and tears followed. Fortunately, it turns out that babies are sturdy little things, and she grew despite my lack of parenting skills. I must thank my husband for being the patient, supportive dad through all of this.

Sue Beresh with Kathleen and Sarah Kallile in 1989

Easter 1988

Often, we think that second babies will be easier because of all that was learned the first time around. The truth is that every baby is different. Baby two arrived two weeks late and was ready to nurse within the first hour of life. That is pretty much all she wanted to do at all hours of the day and night. There were tears again, but this was because I hurt so much from the constant nursing due to her colic. Ice packs became my best friend.

Both daughters have grown up now despite all the parenting trials and errors. Just know that your baby will too. Don’t beat yourself up and compare yourself to others. Do cultivate “mom friends” – they will understand and support you like no one else can. Being a mom is hard work and you won’t get everything right. What is important is that your baby feels the love you have in your heart.

You won’t get a breastfeeding report card and your child will never be asked on a college or job application how they were fed in the first years of life or how old they were when they were potty trained. Trust your mama instinct and treasure each moment as it passes all too fast. Happy Mother’s Day – you have earned it!



Sue Beresh is the proud mom to her two daughters, Kathleen and Sarah, and Nana to her two granddaughters Lucy and Anna. As a former garment industry professional and talented seamstress, she was instrumental in helping Sarah develop Lunnie's nursing bra prototype. Sarah considers Sue employee #2 of Lunnie, despite the lack of paychecks for both of them!

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