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Lunnie Hive Q&A: Leilani Struthers

Name: Leilani Struthers

IG: @leilani_strut

Age: 32

Number of kids and ages: One daughter, 14 months

Location: Austin, TX

The most surprising thing about being a first-time mom is the overwhelming roller coaster of emotions that comes with this new identity that you’ve added to who you are. Nobody can prepare you for the weight of what it takes to manage that change.

My expectation vs. experience breastfeeding was I didn’t have any expectations because I knew it was different for every mom. Thankfully, it ended up being a fairly easy experience, which I know is not the case for everyone. I am grateful it allowed me time to bond for my daughter and I also was able to donate to other mamas and babies.

The best piece of advice about motherhood is this sh*t is hard, especially for first timers. You’re the best mom/parent for your baby, and don’t let anyone else’s opinion impact your bond with child.

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