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The Lunnie Hive is a diverse group of moms who are improving the postpartum experience through better products, support, and authentic conversations.

Motherhood is hard enough and every mom is doing her best. No matter what a mom’s feeding journey looks like, we’re here to support you. Join us.

Lunnie Hive

Lunnie Hive! We need YOU to fit the perfect nursing bra!

  The Lunnie bra is expanding sizes to S-XXXL and we need YOUR help!  Dayton moms, join us on 2/13 from 7-9 pm (AK...

"Postpartum period is harrowing" | Lunnie advisor Anusha Mohan shares her story

Name: Anusha Mohan IG: @sariforpartying Age: 34 Number of kids and ages: One 8-week-old son Location: Oakland, CA ...

Dear Hayden Founder's Journey from Teacher to SAHM to Entrepreneur

Name: Nicole Reilly Website: IG: @shopdearhayden Age: 37 Number of kids and ages: Two kids,...

Motherhood is an "out-of-body experience" | Penny Goffman from HeyMama shares her story

Name: Penny Goffman Website: IG: @heymamaco Number of kids and ages: 3 kids! Ages 1, 11, and 13 L...

"Every Stage is Fleeting" | Of an Origin's Founder's Experience with a Newborn + a Budding Business

Name: Candice Collison Website: IG: @ofanorigin Number of kids and ages: 3 kids! Ages 5, 2.5,...

Former nurse turned cloth diaper mompreneur: Why Janice Wong is helping eco-conscious families

Name: Janice Wong IG: @becebecloth Age: 37 Number of kids and ages: 2 kids, 3.5 and 1.5 years old Locatio...

Navigating conflicting motherhood advice: How Nichole Fermanis paved her own way

Name: Nichole Fermanis IG: @nicholefermanis Age: 31 Number of kids and ages: One son (16 months), one daughter on...

How Ellen Hockley of Evergreen Active invented the first maternity-friendly bicycle short

Name: Ellen Hockley IG: @evergreenactivewear Age: 35 Number of kids and ages: One 17-month-old son Loca...

How Mandy Major went from postpartum doula to launching Major Care, the first virtual postpartum doula platform

Name: Mandy Major IG: @doulamandy @majorcaredoulas Number of kids and ages: One 5-year-old The...

“This Sh*T is hard, especially for first timers”: Advice from Leilani Struthers, mom and tech strategist

  Name: Leilani Struthers IG: @leilani_strut Age: 32 Number of kids and ages: One daughter, 14 month...

Trial and error in weaning: How yoga Instructor Sonia Dovedy weaned her son at 22 months

Name: Sonia Dovedy IG: @soniadovedy Age: 32 Number of kids and ages: Rami (2) Location: Bethesda, MD The mo...

The little breastfeeding dress: Why Madga Lasota Morales was inspired to create MLM Brand

Name: Magda Lasota Morales Website: MLM Brand IG: @mlmbrand_ Age: 37 Number of kids and ages: Two boys — A...
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